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5 Great Reasons to Move to Microsoft Bookings


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Microsoft Bookings Help Save Time and Resources

Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Bookings that can help bring Business 24/7, that is available in new Office 365 premium account. So good news for all the emerging startups, small and medium size Businesses, Business operations would become simpler with Microsoft Bookings. Microsoft Bookings will make scheduling much easier and convenient for Businesses, help save time and make Businesses processes more efficient. It has been analysed that in the recent time, there is a rapid increase in the entrepreneurial ventures which stems from the cause to stabilize the economic situation of the world. Hence, it is very important to provide sufficient and essential tools such as Microsoft Bookings for the sustainability of such ventures.

As a Business owner, one of the crucial tasks is scheduling appointments that could take a lot of time. Sending Emails back and forth, playing phone tag and reminding people to show up can clutter one’s day and keep one from the more important work of growing Businesses. Following are the ways businesses can benefit from Microsoft Booking:

Customers Can Schedule Business Directly Online

Microsoft Bookings provides a Business a unique web page that customers can use to schedule appointments. The web page is simple to use: the customer first selects the service they want and, based on availability provided, chooses a day and time when business owner or staff is available, enters their contact information and books the appointment.

Reduce Missed Appointments with Confirmations and Reminders

To minimize no- shows, Microsoft Bookings sends customer an email confirmation right after they book, with an option to quickly add the appointment to their calendar.

Make it Easy for Customers to Reschedule or Cancel Bookings

Sometimes customers need to reschedule or cancel bookings. With Bookings, it’s easy for them to make a self-service change.

Manage Bookings and Customer Information from Anywhere

All Customer Bookings are visible in a central Booking calendar, giving a complete view of upcoming appointments. One can reschedule, cancel or re-assign an existing Booking to another available staff member. One can also quickly create a new booking if is talking with a customer in-person or on the phone. And one use the day “split view” to quickly see which staff is available at a given time.

Automatically Add Bookings on Staff Calendars

To help remember the appointments, Bookings automatically adds new or updated customer appointments on calendar. Bookings work great with your Outlook calendar in Office 365. And if someone’s using Google calendar then it will integrate and sync with other calendars to consolidate the information.

So, get your hands-on Microsoft Booking to smooth down your Business operations and increase Efficiency. Visit our website today or contact us today. 

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