November 15, 2019

Is My Business Big Enough for Cloud Services?


Well it may sound that your data is floating above us in the sky, the reality is cloud services are actually a widespread physical network of many warehouses filled with powerful servers that can store huge amounts of data and allow you to share that data with the people you choose, no matter where they are in the world.

“62% of SMEs have already migrated to the cloud, while 33% are going to implement it in the near future.” -Gartner

Here are the ways that cloud services can benefit your business.

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Lower initial investment

If you already have a computer with an internet connection you can very likely take advantage of most cloud offering without investing in any new hardware, specialized software or adding to staff. This is one cloud computing advantage that has universal appeal regardless of your industry.

Reduced costs

You can scale your businesses storage and processing needs seamlessly rather than having to go out and purchase expensive programs or hardware. A non-for-profit ran a cookbook and was able to pay for all the cloud apps they needed to create, implement and market their project one a month-to-month basis. They didn’t have to purchase a piece of hardware by software licenses or worry about overloading their current servers.


Cloud computing can be easily scaled to match the changing needs of your business as it grows. You can quickly add storage, licenses and more as needed.

Location and device independence

Well, when you run your business from on-site systems, you are pretty limited when it comes to how you work.  Whereas when you work your business from the cloud, you or your team are free to work wherever and whenever you need to, on any device, with an internet connection.

With the cloud you can access your applications and data from any device anywhere in the world. Now this is a big advantage for people who travel a lot, need to work from home or whose organization is spread out among multiple locations.

Can even the playing field

For small and mid-sized companies, you can even the playing field. Cloud allows the smaller companies to compete more effectively with some of the larger businesses balancing the playing field. Your business can utilize the same tools as fortune 500 companies use at a fraction of the cost.


Too many businesses suffer from unpredictable server loads and inconsistent waves of traffic, which results in overloads and downtime.

“98% of organizations say a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000”. -ITIC

Since cloud computing automatically scales up and down solution, it means that you can:

  • Quickly deploy new software and applications
  • Experience no downtime when the workload immediately grows
  • Rapidly shutdown resources when they are not required
  • Avoid paying non-used infrastructure


Cloud flexibility allows businesses to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduction in IT costs
  • Increased collaboration efficiency
  • Ease of excess to data
  • Flexible work practice
  • Business Continuity


Consider that with your standard on-site systems. If you wanted to transport data to another network, you would need to use some kind of physical device which is not secure and can be easily lost. And should your laptop or hard drive fall into wrong hands, your data is completely vulnerable. But when you store everything in the cloud, no one can access anything unless they have logins to your secure online accounts. And in worse cases scenarios where your business is affected by a natural disaster working within the cloud, means productivity is never affected, because your business is being run from multiple locations at any given time. In short there is no stopping you.

SMB Security_Infographic

SMB Security Infographic


Cloud requires fewer servers. It uses less electricity due to better infrastructure. Cloud servers have a higher utilization rate. (i.e., have no idle capacity)

Make sure your company takes advantage of cloud computing and reap the endless benefits.

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