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Microsoft Teams Phone System Integration: The Next Step


Teams is a unified communications and collaboration platform offered by Microsoft that helps enable those who work for businesses and organizations to collaborate and communicate from all around the world. Microsoft Teams allows astute communication via chat, email, video meetings, file storage, and app integration from anywhere, so teams users can keep in touch no matter where they are. Today we'll discuss how Microsoft Teams Phone System Integration works and would benefit your company.

In spite of that, even today, one of the most common forms of collaboration tools between co-workers is still the traditional phone. Phone calls are still needed when a more detailed discussion of a subject is required. Since a lot of business communications happen over desk phones or mobile phones, Teams, being a cloud-based phone system can also integrate with Voice over IP - VoIP service, allowing inbound calls, which might just make your work life even easier.


What Happens to my Phones After Microsoft Teams Phone System Integration?

Teams offers several benefits. One of these is that it can connect office PBX systems, which means that anyone can place and receive internal and outbound calls with active users anytime, anywhere. This is a system that makes telephony easy for your clients, even if they are working from a different office, while on the road or at home. You can also easily and efficiently conduct video calls or audio conference calls to loop important people in your online meetings. There are a number of software that enable some amazing Microsoft phone system features after integration. 

Let’s learn more about the phone features these software furnish. 

Calling Plans

Microsoft also offers all-in-the-cloud voice solutions, such as Calling Plan. However, a hybrid voice solution might be best for your organization if:

  • Microsoft International Calling Plans are not available in your country.
  • Your organization requires connection to third-party analog devices, call centers, and so on.
  • Your organization has an existing contract with a PSTN carrier.

Teams Direct Routing – Hybrid Voice Solution

Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing lets you connect a supported, customer-provided Session Border Controller (SBC) to Microsoft Phone System. With this capability of advanced routing, for example, you can configure on-premises Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) connectivity with Microsoft Teams client.

Call Recording in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams does not initially come with a call recording solution, but does allow flexible integration with third party options like the one we'll get into now.

Atmos by Call Cabinet, is a multi-tenant call recording, quality assurance, and voice analytics platform designed specifically to provide uninterrupted services for call recording. It is designed using the True Cloud technology in a network of Microsoft Azure data centers. This network consists of 23 data centers located throughout the world, providing efficient services to thousands of end customers. Call Cabinet is certified by Microsoft and 100% compatible with Microsoft Teams.

Contact Center in the Cloud

Cloud Auto attendants let people call your organization and navigate a menu system to speak to the right department, call queue, person, or an operator. You can create auto attendants for your organization with the Microsoft Teams admin center, or with PowerShell. Teams comes with built-in Cloud Auto-Attendants but again, it doesn't bring along a but contact center. However, that doesn't mean that we have no hope because Microsoft Teams allows complete integration with third-party contact center solutions and today's been a good day so I'll also share the platform that provides the most flawless contact center experience. 

Enghouse Interactive specializes in software designed to transform contact centers (including those for the work-from-home agents) into growth engines for businesses globally. It provides all the characteristics that are required for an active call center. Enghouse too is compatible with Microsoft Teams and is certified by Microsoft. 

Paging in Microsoft Teams

To avail the paging feature in Microsoft Teams, we would need to aquire a third-party integration. To offer the best, I would suggest you look into InformaCast Fusion to activate the paging feature in Teams. 

You can collaborate with InformaCast Fusion to offer the paging feature. InformaCast Fusion is a powerful mass notification system that notifies the user both, on their mobile and on-premise devices. If you want to get a quick message across and make sure no one misses it, InformaCast is your go-to tool. It delivers attention-grabbing audio to a wide variety of devices. The image below describes its compatibility options and workflow.

Microsoft Teams Phone System Integration

How Long does Microsoft Teams Phone System Integration take?

There are a few aspects that are factored in when we try figuring out how long the integration would take. Setting up calling services in Teams is one thing. But the deployment and integration of the Microsoft Teams Phone System follows an entirely different timeline. Roughly, if you have shook hands with a Microsoft Gold Partner, they would give you a timeline that would take care of the following:

  • Discovery/Familiarization
  • Microsoft 365
  • Session Border Controller Lite
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Paging
  • Contact Center
  • Configure Phone Headsets
  • Training & Documentation

This may seem like an overwhelming change but having the right MSP manage it for you would do you wonders. 


Why Choose Communication Square?

Communication Square promises fully managed services; from planning to implementation and support and then also training the employees, improving user adoption. We make this essential, yet complex procedure a possibility for multinational deployments by furnishing individual licenses. Through our cloud-based telephony platform, we empower organisations of all sizes to benefit from flexible, feature-rich and cost-effective communications provided by Microsoft Teams. If you feel that we can help you with the set up, book a strategy call with us today! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Describe the process by which user licenses for your solution are issued.

  • User licenses for Microsoft: Phone System license, Domestic Calling are Mandatory and Office 365 G3 license, International Calling, Voice Services, Audio conferencing license are optional if needed (per user)
  • User licenses for Contact center: Enghouse Contact Center Advanced Bundle (per user)
  • User licenses for Call Recording: Atmos by CallCabinet (per user)
  • User licenses for Paging: InformaCast – Fusion (Per user)

Question 2: Do you provide toll-free customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Please specify all paid and unpaid support options.

We have on duty support resources 24/7 x 365. Based on the SLA commitment in your plan, an engineer would reach out to you within the promised time frame. Issue Escalation is also available for Critical issues based on SLA commitment.


Question 3: Do you provide North American, English speaking-based support?

Yes, we provide North American and English based support.


Question 4: Is your support provided from within the United States? What other countries you provide support in?

Support is provided within United States, Spain and Pakistan.


Question 5: Do you provide complete turnkey, onsite implementation, and project management support? Please specify which support will be included and which is provided for an additional fee. Also specify whether support is available directly from the vendor or provided through a partner.

We cannot provide onsite implementation support due to widespread transmission of COVID-19, but do provide remote support.


Question 6: Describe the type of training provided to administrators. Specify whether training is available directly from the vendor or provided through a partner.

All the trainings will be provided by certified partners.


Question 7: Do you provide future software releases and updates to all applications as part of regular software maintenance fees?

All the applications are updates automatically as it’s a cloud-based solution.


Question 13: Do you provide remote software monitoring to identify anomalies and provide automatic upgrades?

Monitoring is based on the SLAs. All the applications are updated automatically as it’s a cloud-based solution.

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2022)

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