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Microsoft has introduced its Microsoft 365 subscription plans on July 10, 2017. This bundle plan includes office 365 with Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) subscriptions. The three-fold plan aims to provide an intelligent and secure solution for your business needs. Consequently, it will enhance your productivity with just a few clicks. It enables you to access your cloud synchronized data from anywhere in the world, from any device thus, empowering your organization.

How Microsoft 365 Subscription Plans Differ from Office 365?

With Office 365 plans, you only get access to the Office 365 applications and services. Therefore, the Security and Mobility of your devices is managed at the application level. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft 365 subscription plans combine Office 365 with Enterprise Mobility + Security services and Windows 10. As a result, you cannot only manage your Office 365 apps, but also get state of the art cross platform mobility. This plan has security first approach, thus allowing you to manage your critical data with added protection.

Windows 10 is icing on the cake in this bundle. The most beloved operating system for desktop and laptop is now available with EMS and Office 365, thus boosting your performance.

Key Features of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 cuts a lot of burdens off your shoulders in many ways. The key features for this plan are as following.

Cloud Based Protection and Access

With the help of EMS plan’s Cloud App Security, you can minimize the risks before it’s too late. As a result, y can manage the level of protection and the level of access for you users in the cloud. Therefore, it means that the identity and access rules are the same for all platforms. A user will get the same experience with mobile device or a web browser sign in.

Single Sign on for All the Apps

Microsoft 365 takes care of signing on with multiple usernames and passwords for different applications. As a result, you can have a single sign on username and password for all your apps and services. This is achieved with the help of Microsoft cloud based identity and access management solution of Azure Active Directory. Even though users have a single sign on, the security and protection is not compromised. Microsoft uses built-in Behavioral analytics, Multi-factor authentication, advanced security reporting, auditing and alerting. Therefore, detecting harmful activities, and monitoring suspicious actions without any extra cost.

Manage Mobile Devices on Cloud

The number of mobile devices is increasing in organizations, consequently it is becoming more difficult to manage. Microsoft 365 helps you through this chaos. Microsoft Mobile Device Management solutions offers a smooth management capability to manage all the devices. Intune is a unique solution to help you manage multiple devices and apps via centralized management platform. As a consequence, you can mange devices on-premises and on-cloud as well. Thus, empowering you to increase enterprise mobility without compromising on security.

Microsoft 365- Collaboration
Microsoft 365- Trusted Security
Microsoft 365- Efficiency

What Do I Get in Microsoft 365 Subscription Plans?

We have primarily discussed what you get in Microsoft 365 plan and how it is great for your business. Let’s dig a little deeper now to find what the bundle exactly includes. First of all Microsoft 365 includes basic and traditional office applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and many more. Consequently, you get to run these apps  on personal computers, phones tablets and web browser. In addition to that, you get emailing and calendaring services with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. As a result, you can stay in touch with your clients and coworkers  24/7. You can also manage their accounts, flows and how information travels within your organization.

This includes Skype for Business for online calling. 1 Tera Bytes of cloud space is available manage your files and data from anywhere with any device. Therefore, you can completely manage how your files and devices are secured and protected with tools like Data Protection Controls. Similarly, you can add multiple devices and apps into your system very swiftly and manage them from a single platform.

Microsoft 365 Plans come with windows 10. So, you can upgrade from windows 7 and windows 8.1 to the most secure and highly protected windows 10. It includes built-in protection from malwares, viruses and spywares. Therefore, you need not to worry about cyber protection once you get this plan.And last but not the least for sure, 24/7 Microsoft support across all your devices. If not all this, then Microsoft’s guaranteed 99.99% up-time.

Why Do I Need Microsoft 365 Subscription Plans?

If you are a business owner even with 10 people working for you then you need this! You would be amazed with the possibilities it has to offer. You can control each and every bit of information circulation within your organization. Starting from operating systems on your machines till the mobile devices of employee. thus, you are in charge of all the information traveling.

Connectivity of your Windows 10 operating system creates endless business possibilities. It offers features like auto pilot with self service PC deployment technology. EMS components of this plan make sure connectivity and synchronization across all the devices. As  a result, self sufficient robust processes provide the security beyond your concerns.

Microsoft 365- Efficiency

Integration of Office 365 groups with multiple applications enables you to stay in touch at all costs. Hence, managing your team and workload is not as hectic as before. You can even manage and schedule your resources like conference rooms and equipment as projectors. You can also explore new realms of automation with office 365 flows and much more. Processing routine tasks with intelligent solutions is as easy as clicking through a web app. Microsoft provides you the comfort and ease only possible with its cutting edge technology. Therefore, the possibilities with this solution are beyond you imagination.

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Microsoft 365 Subscription Plans Prices

Microsoft initially introduced two subscription plans: for business and for enterprise. Let’s have a look at these plans below.


Office 365 Business Premium


Microsoft 365 Business


Office applications Office on tablets and phones feature is included feature is included
Fully installed and web versions of Office apps feature is included feature is included
File & document viewing & editing 1 TB file storage and sharing feature is included feature is included
Collaboration services Business class email (50GB), calendar, and contacts feature is included feature is included
Online meetings (instant messaging, audio, and HD video chat/conferencing) feature is included feature is included
Microsoft Teams chat-based workspace feature is included feature is included
Business applications

Outlook Customer Manager, Bookings, Listings* Invoicing*, Connections*, MileIQ*

*Denotes app is currently only available for customers in the US, UK, and Canada.

feature is included feature is included
Device management Single console to manage user and device settings   feature is included
Self-service PC deployment with Windows AutoPilot   feature is included
Automatically deploy Office apps to Windows 10 PCs   feature is included
Security Protect company data across devices   feature is included
Secure access to documents on mobile devices   feature is included
Protect Windows 10 devices against malware, viruses, and spyware with Windows Defender   feature is included
Maximum number of users Up to 300 feature is included feature is included

Microsoft 365 E3


Microsoft 365 E5


Office applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint feature is included feature is included
Email & calendar Outlook, Exchange feature is included feature is included
Chat-based workspace Microsoft Teams feature is included feature is included
Voice, video & meetings Skype for Business feature is included feature is included
PSTN Conferencing, Cloud PBX   feature is included
Social & intranet SharePoint, Yammer feature is included feature is included
Threat protection Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, Windows Defender Antivirus, Device Guard feature is included feature is included
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Office 365 Threat Intelligence   feature is included
Identity & access management Azure Active Directory P1, Windows Hello and Credential Guard feature is included feature is included
Azure Active Directory P2   feature is included
Device & app management Microsoft Intune feature is included feature is included
Information protection Office 365 Data Loss Prevention, Windows Information Protection and BitLocker, Azure Information Protection P1 feature is included feature is included
Azure Information Protection P2, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Office 365 Cloud App Security   feature is included
Advanced compliance Advanced eDiscovery, Customer Lockbox, Advanced Data Governance   feature is included
Analytics Delve feature is included feature is included
Power BI Pro, MyAnalytics   feature is included

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